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The School Day

The School Day Session Times

Please see the following procedures for dropping and collecting your child/ren.

Each year group will have a staggered start and finish to the day, as instructed by government guidance, to reduce the number of parents and children on the playground or outside the school gates at any one time. The start and finish times are:

Reception: From 28th September - 9am and 2.50pm

Year 1 and 2: 8.50am and 3.20pm

Year 3 and 5: 8.40am and 3.10pm

Year 4 and 6: 8.30am and 3pm

Start of the Day
The children will use the top gate on the playground to come in to the playground and the bottom gate will be used for parents to exit. In essence a one way system. The children will be directed to where they need to line up on the coloured dots or go straight in whilst parents will need to continue to the exit gate (From Monday 7th September please do not queue with your child once the class teacher has come on to the playground). Parents will not be able to have conversations with teachers on the playground as this will hold up the process. Instead parents will need to use the contact book or call the school office and leave any messages for the teacher with the office team to pass on.

Whilst waiting to enter the school grounds please queue respecting the 2m social distancing measures and allow space for other users of the footpath to get past. Once the first two classes (Y4 and Y6) have gone in to the building parents are free to enter the playground with the next two classes. If you have a child in more than one drop off time slot you are welcome to wait at the edge of the playground or in the quiet area. When exiting the school grounds please do not stop outside the school grounds where others may struggle to pass whilst respecting social distancing measures.

End of the Day
Parents are asked to enter the school site through the staff car park at the front of the school and will walk up the side of the school past the bike shed to the playground and wait on a coloured dot whilst maintaining social distancing (please keep any children/siblings with you at all times). The teachers will bring the children out to the playground and see the children go to you like we did prior to the school closure in March. Once your child has reached you please exit the playground through the pre-school gate or the gate at the top of the playground.

If you need to collect a child from a different year group after collecting your first child please wait in the quiet area until the playground has cleared.

If your child has biked to school please collect their bike as you walk past the bike shed on route to the playground so you do not need to go past other parents after collecting your child(ren).

Please do not arrive early or late as the timings above need to be followed for the safety of the children, staff and other parents.

Parents/carers and children are encouraged not to use public transport and if possible they should walk, cycle or scooter to school.

We are aware that many Year 6 children may walk to and from school unaccompanied. Please remind the children the importance of social distancing whilst moving between home and school. If you feel that your child would find this difficult or would not comply please accompany your child to and from school. If you would like your child to walk to and from school unaccompanied, please ensure that you inform the school in writing.

Suggested Routes to use Outside of the School
To help prevent bottlenecks and congestion on the paths around the school a proposal is for parents parking in the Village Hall car park walk along the field path to the school in the morning with their child(ren) to bring them to school and to return to the car park via the path along the road after dropping off your child(ren). At the end of the day we reverse the process and you walk on the path along the road when coming to collect your child(ren) and return to the car park using the path along the field. This is only a suggestion but this could reduce the congestion we experienced on Thursday afternoon.

These arrangements may need to change to improve the drop off and collection process. If they do I will communicate these with you at the earliest opportunity.

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