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Our school day begins at 8.40am and finishes at 3.15pm when we expect all children to be in school (this equates to 32 hours and 55 minutes in a typical week). The school gates open in the morning from 8.30am and close at 8.45am and reopen at 3pm in the afternoon. Staff will be on the playground from 8.35am for parents to pass any urgent messages otherwise we recommend using your child's school  planner for non-urgent messages. Please support us with this to allow the staff and children to go in promptly at 8.40am.  Once the gates are locked, children should be brought round to the front office and will be recorded as late. 

Parents/carers and children are encouraged to walk, cycle or scooter to school where possible to ease traffic congestion in and around the school and Village Hall car park, as well as doing our bit for the environment.  If driving to school, please do not park in the layby at the front of the school as this is for the school bus which drops off children in the morning and collects them at the end of the school day.

Morning breaks last 15 minutes and are held between 10.30 - 11am depending on the year group  Reception and Key Stage 1 have lunch between 12 - 1pm and Key Stage have lunch between 12.15pm - 1.15pm.

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