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Our vision is to provide a positive, caring learning environment where individual’s unique qualities are encouraged, valued and celebrated. Our children will build a collection of memorable learning experiences and will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed.

Within our school curriculum we intend to:

  • Use quality first teaching to maximise learning and retention of facts.
  • Create a safe, caring and supportive learning environment, where children demonstrate good manners, respect for the school and respect for each other.
  • Encourage positivity and resilience in learning, enabling children to thrive and succeed.
  • Equip children with the confidence to express and discuss feelings, allowing them to develop and improve their self-esteem.
  • Teach children skills, knowledge and high level vocabulary, providing opportunities for children to build on prior knowledge and make connections across their learning.
  • Teach children to be safe in the modern world, this includes the real world as well as the internet and includes online safety.
  • Teach children about the developing world around them as well as how their environment and society have changed over time, encouraging an awareness of how to care for it.
  • Provide children with a rich variety of inclusive learning experiences and opportunities to broaden horizons and raise aspirations.
  • Maintain strong family and community links.
  • Help children understand Britain’s cultural heritage and British Values.  

At Freeman Community Primary School our children will become:

Curious – Children are curious and inquisitive, asking purposeful and meaningful questions about their learning.
Achieve- Children achieve their full potential, while being challenged and supported, achievements are recognised and celebrated.
Resilient- Children persevere and stay involved in their learning, demonstrating high levels of confidence, self-esteem and pride. 
Independent- Children show initiative and make positive choices in their learning and behaviour. Children are able to use a variety of strategies to learn.
Nurturing- Children have an understanding of their own and others’ emotions. Children can support each other and work successfully as a team.
Gracious- Children demonstrate respect and excellent manners to themselves, the school and the community.

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