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What is School Council?

It is the School Council’s role to be the voice of the pupils; representing their friends and peers at school and helping to bring about positive change within the school environment. They meet with staff on a regular basis, to discuss the views and concerns of other pupils, come up with ideas to help improve the school and also organising charity and fund-raising events. We have suggestion boxes in each classroom for children to put in anything they may wish to discuss.

How do we decide the School Council?
The School Council comprises of two students, one male and one female, from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Within each class, students put their name forward and it goes to election, where the other students will then vote to elect them as representatives for the whole class. The representatives will attend the meetings being the voice for themselves and all their peers as well as feeding back any information that has been discussed.

What has the School Council done previously?

The School Council's views on school meals were recently sought by the Trust when changing providers.  As a result of their School Council discussions, they have chosen and ordered equipment for the playground, interviewed staff applying for positions both at this school and other schools in the area and have arranged events and activities to raise money for charities such as Children in Need and the World Wildlife Fund.


Who are the class representitives this year?

Year 1 

Ethan and Isabelle

Year 2

 Zofia and Harley

Year 3 

Caison and Zion

Year 4 

Edward and Ellie

Year 5 

Toby and Fleur

Year 6 

Lucas and Ava



What do the children love about being part of the School Council?

“We are looking forward to making our class suggestions boxes and fundraising posters.”

Ethan and Isabelle – Year 1

“We like the people being happy and giving our class suggestions to MR Pettitt.”

Zofia and Harley – Year 2

“We are taking part in our meetings and talking about important things”

 Caison and Zion - Year 3

“We wanted to be school councillors to help the school get better”

Edward and Ellie - Year 4

“We wanted to be school council because we wanted to raise lots of money for charity”

Toby and Fleur - Year 5

“We think that school council is important because you have to make sure class mates are happy and to make the school a better place. We wanted to be school councillors to help our friends and people in school.”

Lucas and Ava – Year 6

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